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Summer Hold Program

The Department of Residential Services and Datrose Inc will hold postal mail for students traveling internationally over the summer.

These services are available to any student with an on-campus residential address who is leaving the country between May 1 – September 1.  Mail will be held from May 1 – September 15.

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To register

  • Residents can register at any residential package room, locations listed below. You’ll need a valid PennCard and to complete a registration form that will authorize Datrose to accept your mail and hold it for you. Students MUST register in order to participate.
  • Registered users are assigned a unique address corresponding to the residential package room that will be the package delivery address. Once registered, students will need to use the address for all expected package deliveries. The address will apply only to packages. Letters or postcards will not be accepted and should be sent to the student’s off campus or fraternity or sorority postal address.
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How it works

  • Only first or second class mail coming to the student’s mail box at time of departure from campus will be sorted and held until the student’s return to campus at the end of the summer.
  • Bulk mail, magazines and newspapers will not be processed or held.
  • Upon return to campus, participating students must send an email request to pick up held mail, using the email address supplied by Datrose at the time of registration.
  • Student may pick up the mail at the mail hold facility to be identified prior to the end of the academic year.

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  • At the end of the summer, students will be sent 2 email reminders to pick up their mail from the hold facility.
  • Any mail not picked up by September 15th will be returned to sender.
  • Datrose, Inc. will provide Residential Services with names, PennCard numbers and e-mail addresses of students registered.

When you sign up

  • You’ll need to establish a temporary Summer Address in Penn In Touch.
  • Once registered, Datrose will send email confirmation and a temporary address to be entered into Penn InTouch.
  • Do NOT change your Spring mailing address for family, friends, banks, businesses, etc. Datrose will process mail as it is sent to your Spring semester mailbox address.
  • DO change your temporary address in Penn In Touch, using the address that Datrose sends you in this email. This will let them use that record to generate hold labels for your particular summer account.

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  • This email from Datrose will include instructions on how to pick up your mail at the end of the summer.

How To Put Mail On Hold Via Postal Servic

Going out of town and wondering how to put a hold on mail? United States Postal Service mail holds can be requested for free in three ways—via the Internet at the USPS website, over the phone, and at local post office locations. Mail hold requests must be for a minimum of 3 days up to a maximum of 30 days (for holds of more than 30 days, contact the local post office). Requests can be made up to 14 days in advance. Mail for all parties at a particular address will be held, so separate post office hold requests are not required. It is unnecessary to file a mail hold request for a post office box since the post office automatically holds mail to PO boxes for up to 30 days.

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Put Mail on Hold at USPS.com

Mail holds can be requested online at USPS.com. It is necessary to first verify that a mail hold is offered at a particular location by entering the zip code. If a hold on mail is not available online for the location, simply file a hold via the phone or at a local post office.

Postal service customers are asked to specify begin and end dates for the online mail hold. Online hold mail requests must be submitted before 2:00 a.m. Central Time for the begin date of the hold. Choose to have mail delivered on the end date or opt to pick up the accumulated mail at the local post office. A photo ID is required to pick up mail from a USPS office.

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After filing an online post office mail hold request, customers receive a mail hold confirmation. Save or print the confirmation page. To hold or cancel a mail hold request, the confirmation number is required.

File Mail Hold over Phone

A postal service mail hold can be filed over the telephone by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). Once connected to the automated USPS system, choose “delivery services” and then “hold mail.” Then follow the system prompts. Phone mail hold requests need to be made at least one business day in advance. Customers can make changes to a USPS mail hold request by calling the toll-free 800 number.

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Request Hold on Mail at Local Postal Office

USPS mail hold requests can also be made in person at a local post office. At the postal office, fill out a PS Form 8076, “Authorization to Hold Mail.” To make changes to a mail hold request, it is necessary to visit the post office.

Online, Phone, and In-Person Hold Mail Requests

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It is possible to quickly and easily request mail holds online at USPS.com, over the phone by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777), and in person at local postal service locations. There is no charge for mail holds. To make changes to or cancel hold mail requests, the confirmation number provided at the time the request was filed is required. If USPS customers misplace their confirmation number, they can visit the local post office to make changes to their hold mail request.

Letters From Santa

Yes. Santa Clause’s genuine! Children will really accept when Santa Clause composes back!Yes, America – there is a Santa Clause Claus. Also, the Postal Administration can help you demonstrate it when Santa Clause answers to your youngster’s letter to Santa!We are pleased to commence the occasion mailing season with the begin of our yearly “Letters from Santa Clause” program, which has made kids’ fantasies worked out as expected for more than a century.”Letters from Santa Clause” is a yearly letter-composing program where guardians can highway a letter “from Santa Clause” toward the North Shaft for cancelation. Yes, children can get their letters routed to Santa Clause Claus came back with a North Shaft stamp – with the assistance of their folks, of course!Here’s the manner by which you can satisfy your tyke’s vacation wishes this year:1. Have your kid compose a letter to Santa Clause and have them seal it in an envelope they deliver to: Santa Clause Claus, North Pole.2. Tell the kid that you’ll put a stamp on it and mail it to St. Scratch for them.3. Afterward, when alone, open the envelope, read the letter and compose Santa Clause’s reaction on the back of the kid’s letter. Have Santa Clause say it’s essential to be green and that is the reason he’s is composing on the back.4. When reacting, make sure to reference your tyke’s eminent achievements excluded in their letter. I.e. Santa Clause is proud to the point that you volunteered to help ____, or Santa Clause is truly awed with the immense employment you’re doing in school — particularly with math, and so forth. Sign it Santa Clause Claus with a P.S. to get the chance to bed early Christmas Eve.5. Put the letter into another envelope routed to the kid at their place of residence. Make certain to include: Santa Clause Claus, North Shaft as the arrival address on the envelope. Bear in mind to apply a Five star stamp.6. Put the stamped envelope into a bigger envelope (or Need Mail envelope) with satisfactory postage tended to to:NORTH Shaft Stamp POSTMASTER4141 Stamp DRANCHORAGE AK 99530-99987. Letters from Santa Clause must be gotten by the Mooring, AK, Postmaster no later than Dec. 15, 2014.8. The Jetty Postmaster will open the envelope, evacuate Santa Clause’s letter routed to your youngster, apply the North Shaft stamp and mail it back home.9. At the point when Santa Clause’s letter arrives, have your camera prepared when you request that your tyke open the letter and read it out loud.10. Tweet and Instagram the photographs utilizing the #SantaLetters hashtag and post them on Facebook. Keep the letters in a scrapbook as an incredible family souvenir alongside the photos.We anticipate helping you keep the enchantment alive for your kid this Christmas season!

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USPS Encourages Filling Taxes Early

It’s that time of year again, and if you count yourself as one of the millions of filers who will mail their returns this year, the Postal Service has these tips:Double Check PostagePostage prices for First-Class Mail and some other mailing products changed effective Sunday, April 10. Consult usps  pickup times usps.com/prices (click on ‘calculate postage’, top left) or visit your local post office to determine correct postage. Tax agencies do not accept postage due mail and tax returns bearing insufficient postage will be returned – meaning taxpayers will be penalized for filing late tax  tracking  number service returns.Mail your returns earlyYou have just about one week left! Deposit your tax return at your local Post Office or in a blue collection box before the last scheduled pick up time to ensure your return is postmarked April 18, 2016.Use PO LocatorTo find locations that will be open late to postmark your tax return. Partner locations that provide postal services do not offer late postmarking, so verify their last collection hours.See a post office clerk for packages over 13 ouncesPackages weighing more than 13 ounces must be presented in person to a post office clerk to comply with FAA regulations.Write clearlyPrint labels on your computer or neatly write both the destination and return addressesInclude a return address on your returnIf for any reason your tax return must be returned to you, not having a return address will cause the mail piece to be sent to the postal mail recovery office for determination of the sender, delaying its return.Ask for proof of mailing and deliveryDoing so offers your tax returns offer higher security. The Postal Service provides several services to help document your tax mailings, such as:Certificate of Mailing Service This provides a receipt as evidence that you mailed your document.Certified Mail Service® – A Certified Mail receipt proves you mailed your tax return and gives you online access to verify the date and time of delivery.Return Receipt This receipt verifies both mailing and delivery, returning a postcard to you signed by the person who received your package.Delivery service confirmation verifies the time, date, and ZIP Code your return was delivered. You can find this information with Track & Confirm.The 2016 federal tax return filing deadline is April 18, 2016, so be sure to take this last week to get your taxes in the mail. Maine and Massachusetts residents have until April 19 to file their individual tax returns.The Postal Service encourages taxpayers to file their tax returns as soon as possible to avoid last-minute stress and to ensure your return arrives on time. Visit  usps.com for even more information.

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The USPS Gears Up For The Highly Ancipated World Stamp Show

What makes the World Stamp Show unique is that this stamp extravaganza only happens every 10 years. The show draws stamp collectors, dealers, stamp exhibitors and mail delivery organizations, including the U.S. Postal Service, to the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, where this mega-event is held.This year’s highly anticipated event and expo takes place May 28 –June 4 and is expected to draw between 250,000 and 300,000 visitors from around the world. Attendees will have the opportunity to buy and sell stamps, as well as learn about the latest happenings in the world of philately.What is philately?The study of postage stamps, revenue stamps, stamped envelopes, postmarks, postal cards, covers, and similar material relating to postal or fiscal history.U.S. Postal Service Forever StampsEight new Forever Stamp® images accompanied by all the pomp and circumstance surrounding First-Day-of-Issue events will be revealed during the show. Here is the rundown so you don’t miss a thing.World Stamp Show 2016 Schedule Saturday, May 28 – Opening DayUSPS Chief Marketing and Sales Officer James P. Cochrane will officiate the first-day-of-issue dedication of the “World Stamp Show” stamp.Sunday, May 29USPS Chief Ethics Officer Mike Elston will officiate the first-day-of-issue dedication of the “Repeal of the Stamp Act 1776” stamp.Monday, May 30USPS General Counsel Tom Marshall will officiate the first-day-of-issue dedication of the “Honoring Extraordinary Heroism-The Service Cross Medals” stamp.Tuesday, May 31USPS Chief Operating Officer David Williams will officiate the first-day-of-issue dedication of the “Pluto Explored!” stamp.Wednesday, June 1Janet Klug, Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee, will officiate the first-day-of-issue dedication of the “Classics Forever” stamp.Thursday, June 2Chief Executive Officer Megan J. Brennan will officiate the first day of issue “Celebrating National Park Service’s Centennial” stamps. This ceremony will feature a dual stamp unveiling with remote reveal at Assateague National Seashore. The stamp ceremony will be broadcast and webcast live worldwide.Friday, June 3USPS District Manager Elvin Mercado will officiate the first-day-of-issue dedication of the “Colorful Celebrations” stamp.More Events and ActivitiesTo learn more about the wide range of fun and educational events coming up this year, download the full 2016 World Stamp Show schedule hereAdditionally, we want to create a social media buzz surrounding the show by asking  attendees, philatelists – both national & international – along with national park enthusiasts to use the following hashtags:#WorldStampShow  #WorldStampShowNYC2016  #NPSStamps  #FindYourPark and #NPS100Be sure to give a tweet @USPS or https://twitter.com/USPSThe U.S. Postal Service is excited and proud to participate in this huge stamp spectacular and looks forward to seeing you there.

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